There are many transport options to get to the airport and vice versa. First of all, let’s discuss bus options. There are bus lines that cover the most of the Rome. The main bus station is Tiburtina that is located in the center of Rome. It takes 40 minutes by car or 1 hour by public transport from The Rome Airport. There are several bus companies that stop at the BUS hub adjacent and have different bus stops in Rome. Other ways including using a train, there are two trains Leonardo Express and Regional FL1 trains. It also has taxi services at the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, at the arrivals areas. Also regarding the cars, you can find many options for that there are car sharing and car rental services; moreover there is Kiss&Go area, and chauffeur-driven car rental service and others.


Cotral Bus Stop

has the line from the airport to the Rome center. You can find it the arrivals area of the Terminal 2. In order to get there, you should follow the “Regional Bus Station” signs. The one-way ticket costs 5€ (online) or 7€ per person. Tickets can be purchased at the authorized sales point or, with a surcharge, onboard the bus. The bus stops are:

Cotralspa Call center: 800.174.471

There is also a

SIT Shuttle bus

; the main advantage is that once you have bought the tickets, it will be valid the entire day. The one-way ticket price is 5€ (If you will buy it online) or 6€ (in person). Working hours are from 05:00h to 20:30h from Rome, from the Airport it’s between 08:30h - 00:30h. The whole route takes about 50 minutes. Also, follow the signs of “Regional Bus Station”. The bus stops at the BUS hub adjacent to the Terminal 3 exits – Arrivals, it is the bus №5. The bus stops are:

-Termini Station (Via Marsala)

- Vatican center (Via Crescenzio number 2)

- Grosseto

- Orbetello Scalo

- Paganico

- Roma Via Aurelia, 565

- Siena

Telephone: 06 5916826 / 06 5923507

T.A.M Bus stops at the BUS hub adjacent to the Terminal 3 exits, at the Arrivals area, bus rank № 6. Follow the signs of “Regional Bus Station”. Bus passes every 30 minutes and the one-way ticket’s price is 5€ and the returning ticket - 8€. The price is not changing regarding the way of buying it. The bus stops are:

- Ostiense Station (Piazzale October 12, 1492 opposite Eataly)

- Termini Station (Via Giovanni Giolitti no. 34)

Telephone: 06 65047426

Terravision Bus

also stops at the arrivals area of the Terminal 3, bus rank №7. Follow the signs of “Regional Bus Station”. It has a direct line from the airport to Rome city center of Termini Station. It works every day, from Monday to Sunday and passes every 30 minutes. The ride takes from 41 to 50 minutes. The price for the one-way ticket is 4€ (online) or 6€ (in person), and the returning ticket - 8€ (online) or 11€ (in person). The bus stop is at the Termini Station (Via Marsala).

Helpdesk: Tel: +39 06 97610632

Termini Kiosk: +39 06 97843383


Atral Schiaffini Bus

stops at the arrivals area of the Terminal 3, the bus rank №8. Follow the signs of “Regional Bus Station”. Follow the signs of “Regional Bus Station”. These buses are the property of the travel company, and they leave every day at Rome Airport from 05:35h to 23:00h every 30 minutes, and the route takes about 45 minutes. It has a bus stop at Termini Station.

Telephone +39.06.7130531 (automatic switching); +39 06 71305377



You can travel by train with Trenitalia. Near the Arrivals and Departures terminals, there is a railway station and with them, you can reach the Rome city center. There are two options:

- The first one is

Leonardo Express

. At Termini station, you can take Leonardo Express from platforms 23 and 24 and this is non-stop service exclusively for airport passengers. It passes every 15 minutes and its route is about 32 minutes. Kids underneath four are freed from charge. If you buy your Leonardo Express ticket online on the website, you will have a discounted price - 5,60 € instead of 8€. You have to show a printed copy of the Leonardo Express ticket purchased online and you will get the 30% discount, also by buying these tickets online, you will get the reduced price for access to VIP lounges (Passenger Lounge gate E extra Schengen area and Passenger Lounge gate D Schengen area).

If the adults are in possession of online tickets valid for the day:


Regional trains FL1

have many stations, which also involves Rome Tiburtina, on weekdays they leave every 15 minutes, and on weekends and holidays - every 30 minutes.


You can find the Taxi services at the arrivals areas of the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Only authorized taxi vehicles are of white color and have a “TAXI” sign on the roof.

Fixed fares for some destination are:

These prices are fixed by the responsible municipality and may change, even without notice.