Fiumicino Long Stay Car Park

The Car Park is located at the Via Antonio Zara s.n.c. - Fiumicino Airport (Rome). It is a 2,000 covered and 2,000 uncovered car parking space. You can reach it directly from the Roma-Fiumicino (A91) highway and just a 10-minute shuttle ride to the airport Terminals. This shuttle service is free of charge and it runs every 5 minutes starting from 05:01 to 00:59. From 1:00 am to 5:00 am the service is available only upon request.


Multilevel Terminal Car Park

These Car Parks are the roofed parking spaces and you can reach them directly from the Roma-Fiumicino (A91) highway. These parks are more suitable for short-term parking and are connected to terminals by a pedestrian path equipped with sidewalks. In order to receive the discount, you better have to make the online reservation. It is located at the Via Francesco Aurelio Di Bella s.n.c. - Fiumicino Airport (Rome)


Executive car park

This is a guarded parking lot with video surveillance. It is located a short distance from the departures and arrivals area and has covered access to the terminals. It has many advantages such as a priority line for hand luggage security checks, a welcome breakfast, a newspaper when you drop off your car, exclusive benefits at the airport restaurants, Alitalia Miles, and the opportunity to request a hand car wash, refueling and other services for your car. The executive T1 located at the Via Francesco Aurelio Di Bella s.n.c. - Fiumicino Airport (Rome), and the Executive T3 - Via Francesco Aurelio Di Bella s.n.c. - Fiumicino Airport (Rome).


Car parking in front of the terminals

There are Maximum One Hour Parking spaces on both the Arrivals and Departures levels, which are indicated by blue lines on the pavement.


Motorcycle car park

There is an available car park for motorcycles that has a separate entrance on the ground floor of Multilevel-Terminal A. It is connected to the Terminals by a pedestrian pathway. 


Pink car parking

These car parking spaces are for new and expectant mother, and for female travelers:

Pink car parking lots consist of 28 very large spaces to facilitate the loading and unloading of strollers and make leaving the car more comfortable for future mothers. As for the female travelers, there are 52 standard spaces. 

These spaces are equipped with:

But these spaces that are marked by pink lines are not free of charge.