Rome Metro Guide

In Rome, the metro is underground public transportation and is called Metropolitana. It is oldest in the country and started working in 1955. The 3rd line opened in 2014 and connects to the rest of the system through an interchange with Line A at San Giovanni. It passes every 5 to 10 minutes and has 3 Metro lines: line A (orange), line B (blue) and line C (green) – which operates on 60 km (37 mi) of the route and serves 73 stations. Metro is not directly connected with the airport, you can access this from the airport only using train or bus and reaching to the Termini station, where is located all metro connections. Metro starts at approximately 5:30 am and ends at approximately 11:30 pm. The service ends later on Friday and Saturday, for lines A, B and C approximately at 1:30 am.

Metro has ticket barriers. It means you have to pass through them putting your ticket in the slot, if it is valid it will be returned and after that barriers will open. On the tickets is written all the information regarding the date and time of the trip. It is free of charge for children who are under the age of 10 and they don’t have to buy tickets.

Metro prices

Rome Metro Map